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Urban Ecology Winnipeg:

Learning from the Land,

in the City

Dates: In progress, first event was April 27, 2019

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada

Client: Self initiated

Roles: Co-founder and co-organizer with Marika Olynyk,  walk host and facilitator, posters and visual identity


Learning from the Land, in the City is a series of four seasonal walks exploring the connection between people, places and Winnipeg’s urban ecosystems. Each walk explores a different theme through field walks in the urban environment that bring together experts from the worlds of design, ecology, community development and more.

Project Goals and Objectives

The purpose of this project is to start a dialogue about the need for more holistic ways of thinking about cities rooted in the wisdom of ecology and cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing. In an era of climate change, environmental devastation and urban sprawl, this project aims to reconnect people with the land they live on, to better understand how cities and ecosystems work together and the impacts that humans have on the environment.

Project Format

Using the Jane's Walk format of "walking conversations", each walk is structured around a theme with a predetermined route and stops where guest experts and community members are invited to share their wisdom in the field. Speakers will draw on diverse ways of knowing about the land, weaving a holistic picture of the urban environment and our relationship with it. Facilitated discussion along the way will ensure participants have the chance to ask questions and participate in the process.

Learning from the land poster.jpg

Spring / Return of the Floodwaters

Summer / Urban Forests and Habitats

Fall / Food Webs and Systems

Winter / Energy and the Cosmic whole

For more information, visit the project website at

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